I am a dance and movement artist moved to understand myself, community, and world.


I move my body to oxygenate it. To soften my sternum and shift from my pelvis, repattern old neural pathways and build new ones. I dance because verbal processing is overrated, because it helps me sleep better at night, and because it returns me to myself.


I make work to scratch the itch, to spark conversations, and to honor silence. And also because I’m anti-consumerist, and I just told you I’m an artist, and that’s what we are supposed to do.


My creative process is research-based and collaborative. I investigate questions through a combo platter of improvisation, writing, conversations, and academic research and then begin the work of translation to the languages of body and metaphor. My* dancers, students, friends, family, ancestors, past teachers, students, audience members, are all co-creators in the process and the product.

*They are not mine. No one belongs to anyone here. But I needed a pronoun.


When I don’t have faith in myself, I have faith in this: by moving and making, we carve out spaces where we become a little more human, a little more open, and a little more compassionate towards each other.

Allyson Yoder is a Permanent Artist in Residence and also serves on the [nueBOX] staff as Artist Support and Development Director.

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The Armory

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