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I am a dance and movement artist moved to understand myself, community, and world.


I move my body to oxygenate it. To soften my sternum and shift from my pelvis, repattern old neural pathways and build new ones. I dance because verbal processing is overrated, because it helps me sleep better at night, and because it returns me to myself.


I make work to scratch the itch, to spark conversations, and to honor silence. And also because I’m anti-consumerist, and I just told you I’m an artist, and that’s what we are supposed to do.


My creative process is research-based and collaborative. I investigate questions through a combo platter of improvisation, writing, conversations, and academic research and then begin the work of translation to the languages of body and metaphor. My* dancers, students, friends, family, ancestors, past teachers, students, audience members, are all co-creators in the process and the product.

*They are not mine. No one belongs to anyone here. But I needed a pronoun.


When I don’t have faith in myself, I have faith in this: by moving and making, we carve out spaces where we become a little more human, a little more open, and a little more compassionate towards each other.

Allyson Yoder was a Permanent Artist in Residence and also serves on the [nueBOX] staff as Artist Support and Development Director from 2016-2018

Projects with [nueBOX]

eggshell sternum/pelvic nerve

eggshell sternum/pelvic nerve

Having white privilege is like standing on an invisible pedestal. Unless you learn to see the structure, you will spend your life believing you are two feet taller than the people standing on the ground.


What happens when the pedestal is made visible?


In eggshell sternum/pelvic nerve, a white woman navigates a destabilized inner landscape after the pedestal is “debased.” Through the lived physical experience of the performance, the artist wrestles with her own capacity for fragility, violence, and guilt as she learns how to stand in her power on the ground.

Move and Explore: Roda-Viva Workshop

Allyson Yoderwill be designing interactive and engaging activities centralized around a pliable sculpture in the center of the [nueBOX] area designed by Rossitza Todorova. Allyson Joy Yoder is a community-centered movement artist from Tucson, Arizona. Her creative process is collaborative, research-based, and grounded by practices in movement and improvisation, and her work is driven by a desire for transformation. 

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