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Takela King our current SEED Artist-in-Residence will be presenting “tHe sCieNce of the noN-lineAr” in a final resident artist showing. 

Saturday January 27th

1:45pm and 2:30pm at  [nueBOX]

“tHe sCieNce of the noN-lineAr”

Internal Monologue: while considered a natural process, some forms of inner speech could be cause for concern. Fractals: driven by recursion, fractals are images of dynamic systems – the pictures of Chaos Momentary: coming and going quickly and therefore being merely a brief interruption of a more enduring state

Estrella Esquilín

Estrella Esquilín, our current SEED Artist-in-Residence will be presenting an in-process showing of Terra[formation], an abstract and experimental audio and animation artworks. 

Thursday February 1st

6pm, 7pm and 8pm at [nueBOX]



The works reference time-based somatic meditations on places familiar to the artist. Through this exploration, she imagines the possibilities to “terraform” her present environment into a habitable place amidst so much political, environmental, and social chaos. Each work is a brief, time-based experience built from field recordings and grounded in slow observations of places. Audiences will be invited to experience each piece quietly and offer feedback to the artist. This is a new and developing series of media-based works by Estrella, made possible by the SEED residency.

Estrella Esquilín
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