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Elisa Reed

The Studio/LAB Residency is available to creatives interested in taking a deep dive into their creative practice. Their work can transverse the spectrums from funny to provocative, experimental to virtuosic, R-rated to family-friendly, disturbing to healing, personal & political, form-based to abstract, and outside, around, and beyond these categories.


The residency will takes place twice a year from January-May and August-December and selected artists will receive support from the [nueBOX] team through out the creative process, participate in professional development workshops together, and present their work at [nueBOX].


Studio/LAB residents will receive access to [nueBOX]’s studio for up to 10 hours a week at The Armory, creative and professional support, opportunities for feedback, professional development, and a $250 stipend. 

Please contact us if you would like to meet to discuss your application before submitting. 

Please allow us a 48 hour response time.


2021 SEED Resident Artists NOHO & Melanie

The SEED Residency Program is a mini-residency from June-August. It is meant to give artists time to explore and investigate new ideas without the pressure of developing a finished work. Artists will receive a $100 stipend, 15 hours of rehearsal space, and an opportunity to share their emerging work in a RE:volve show in August.


The residency is open to performance-based artists or interdisciplinary teams who define themselves as emerging or mid-career artists, and have a need for rehearsal space in Phoenix in the summer.

Please contact us if you would like to know more.


Permanent-Artists-In-Residence (PAIR) are supported artistically through [nueBOX] in exchange for administrative support for the organization. The program provides reliable and consistent support, funding and networking opportunities, and training for administrative careers in the arts. When positions become available they will be shared on the [nueBOX] mailing list.



Our Programing is constantly evolving.

Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions.

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