Studio/LAB Residency

Application deadline:

November 30th @11:59pm

The Studio/LAB Residency is available to creatives interested in taking a deep dive into their creative practice. Their work can transverse the spectrums from funny to provocative, experimental to virtuosic, R-rated to family-friendly, disturbing to healing, personal & political, form-based to abstract, and outside, around, and beyond these categories.


The residency will take place from January-May 2023 and selected artists will receive support from the [nueBOX] team through out the creative process, participate in professional development workshops together, and present their work  at [nueBOX] in May 2022.


Studio/LAB residents will receive access to [nueBOX]’s studio for up to 10 hours a week at The Armory, creative and professional support, opportunities for feedback, professional development, and a $250 stipend. 

Please contact us if you would like to meet to discuss your application before submitting. 

Free Space.png


This program exists to encourage artists to invest in themselves and the art they are creating in an independent manner. 

Starting November 1st, 2022

The residency includes two free hours of studio space a week for BIPOC artists and $10.00 an hour for any additional weekly hours. Studio space for non-BIPOC artists is $10.00 an hour.

No Application required, available year-round

How to get free space:

  • Sign up for available space using the link below

  • Once you sign up for a time, you will receive an email with information on how to access the studio

  • We hope to keep this process easy and accessible, please honor and respect the space and the guidelines for using the space so we can keep this going!