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Studio LAB Residency 

The Studio/LAB Residency is available to creatives interested in taking a deep dive into their creative practice. Their work can transverse the spectrums from funny to provocative, experimental to virtuosic, R-rated to family-friendly, disturbing to healing, personal & political, form-based to abstract, and outside, around, and beyond these categories.


The spring residency will take place from January-May 2023 and selected artists will receive support from the [nueBOX] team through out the creative process, participate in professional development workshops together, and present their work  at [nueBOX] in May 2022. Our fall Studio Lab occurs from August- December with a presentation at the end of the residency.


Studio/LAB residents will receive creative space and professional support, opportunities for feedback, professional development, and a $250 stipend. 

Please contact us if you would like to meet to discuss your application before submitting. 

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