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Halley Willcox

Staff and PAIR

Halley Willcox is a dedicated performing artist, choreographer, teacher and all round dance nerd. Most of the time, Halley is working as a dance adjunct at Arizona State University and Grand Canyon University, as well as teaching pilates and working on community movement projects. She is motivated by her question: How do we communicate our imagination? She uses her independent creative projects to articulate this question, make the world a better place and have a little fun. She is inspired by curiosity, legacy, cities, preservation, the 1970’s, memory, conversation, shadow, community and binoculars.

Marketing & Communications 

Zarina Mendoza.jpeg

Zarina Mendoza

Staff and PAIR

Zarina Mendoza is a passionate artist, a Mexican immigrant with a desire to share knowledge, experiences, culture and points of view through movement. She is a sucker for intense, fun acrobatic partnering, speed and taking risks in her movement and classes. She teaches contemporary, Latin Rhythms and Nourish Yoga Flow. Zarina is the Founder of Tranze Danza Contemporanea a project where she actively cultivates a community that sparks meaningful conversations; her work prompts introspection on themes of identity, immigration, empathy, and solidarity, inviting individuals to engage deeply with these significant subjects. 

Studio Manager


Sam Arrow

Staff and PAIR

Sam (They/Them/Theirs) grew up dancing in Yuma, AZ and graduated from the U of A with a BFA in Dance, then continued to PT school and is now a pelvic floor physical therapist. Sam’s micro-activisms are at work at the intersection of their passion for dance and knowledge of pelvic floor anatomy and function— educating individuals about their bodies empowers Sam and everyone they reach. As a foundation in their work and private life, Sam above all prioritizes the upliftment of queer voices. 

Finance & Operations 


Jisun Myung

Staff and PAIR

Jisun Myung is a theater/performance artist and musician. She is very good at making calming stretchy music for dance classes. Side effect: sometimes dancers found sleeping instead of fully warmed up to move. Born and raised in Seoul, Korea but has lived all around the world since 2008. She likes palak paneer,  pancit palabok, and al pastor tacos. She does not like (or cannot understand) peanut butter jelly sandwiches, and caramel covered apples.

Artist Support Director

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