Julie Akerly

Julie Akerly is a full-time cat lady, and spends the rest of her free time working for at [nueBOX]. She has been a leader in the Metro-Phoenix dance community since co-founding [nueBOX] in 2014, and in 2017 she received the Mayor's Arts Award in Dance. She creates her own individual projects as JAMovement, works in Arts Engagement at the City of Tempe, and dances on a project-to-project basis. She also frequently dances at Bar Smith.

Co-founder, Research & Development Director


Halley Willcox

Halley Willcox is a dedicated performing artist, choreographer, teacher and all round dance nerd. Most of the time, Halley is working as a dance adjunct at Arizona State University and Grand Canyon University, as well as teaching pilates and working on community movement projects. She is motivated by her question: How do we communicate our imagination? She uses her independent creative projects to articulate this question, make the world a better place and have a little fun. She is inspired by curiosity, legacy, cities, preservation, the 1970’s, memory, conversation, shadow, community and binoculars.

Marketing & Communications Director


Tiffany Velazquez

Tiffany Velazquez started her life journey in Salinas, CA. Later on moving to Yuma, AZ; where she grew into the weirdo she is today. Her introduction to the magical world of movement was at Yuma Ballet Academy. This conservatory atmosphere gave her a look into the professional world of dance. Which encouraged a wild-dream to one day become immersed in the movement language herself. When she reached college her interest for strict ballet buns and pointe shoes went out the window. Her desire lead to modern/postmodern technique after being exposed to the rebellious dance form at several festivals, workshops, and ASU. With her BFA in Dance Performance she explores ideas of pain and overcoming pain. In her art-making, she externalizes a dark perspective in which she researches through poetry, movement, discussion, voice, and photography. She is quite excited about her new role as documentation assistant. As her interests in dance and photography meet perfectly in the middle. 

Documentation Assistant


Jordan Daniels

Jordan Daniels is born and raised Phoenician with mid-west(Kansas) born parents. He loves all things covered in gravy or ranch and long conversations about anything and everything. He spends most of his time training students at The School of Ballet Arizona, Arizona School for the Arts and creating for his self indulgent project based company JordanDanielsDance. He has been around [nueBOX] since being selected as one of it's first artists in residence and, just like a house guest who has stayed to long, they can't get rid of him.

Technical Director


Sam Arrow

Sam grew up dancing in Yuma, AZ and graduated from the U of A with a BFA in Dance, then continued to PT school and is now a pelvic floor physical therapist. Sam’s micro-activisms are at work at the intersection of her passion for dance and her knowledge of pelvic floor anatomy and function— educating individuals about their bodies empowers Sam and everyone she reaches. As a foundation in her work and private life, Sam above all prioritizes the upliftment of queer voices. When she is not dancing, raising two fabulous children, or talking about genitalia, she is napping, or making coffee!

Finance & Operations 


Michelle Migliaccio

Michelle Migliaccio hails from southern New York where she was born and raised. During her time on the east coast she acquired a taste for the sweeter things in life, becoming a passionate baker and general lover of food. Trying to escape the winter blues, she moved to Arizona to further her curiosity in interdisciplinary performance art by receiving a BA from ASU in Digital Culture. As an artist she focuses on responsive environments utilizing projection and sculptural elements that feed off movement to create loops and layering. When not tinkering with LEDs she can be found listening to rocks or caring for her plant babies to keep the good vibes going.

Research & Development Assistant


Ericka Vaughn Byrne

Ericka Vaughn Byrne is a born and raised Chicagoan. She truly believes life should be a musical and chocolate chip cookie pie is a little price of heaven on earth. Her background is in education and dance and she has spent the last 10 years working in schools all across the Chicagoland area. From teaching ballet to the swim dive team at Northwestern University to teaching a Social Emotional Learning (SEL) certification program for CPS educators Ericka has been all over the map and she’s glad her journey has brought her to the [nueBOX] team.

Artist Support Director

Nuebox Residency D and Claus_edited.jpg

Dienae Hunter

Dienae Hunter is a Utah-born, Arizona-raised single dog parent currently in the second year of the Creative Enterprise and Cultural Leadership Master’s program at ASU. They graduated in 2017 from ASU with a BFA in Dance and a BA in Earth and Environmental Studies. To the surprise of everyone in Dienae’s family and graduating class, the dance degree is the one that they are actually using. Dienae likes dancing primarily at the loudest gay bars in town, occasionally in unconventional performance venues, and sometimes on actual stages.

Artist Support 

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