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Black Artist Fund

[nueBOX] is committed to continuing support for Black artists in our community. If you would like your donation to go specifically towards supporting these initiatives you can contribute to the Black Artist Fund.


In 2021, a cohort of Black artists have been invited to participate in a four-month, three-person cohort where they'll receive $250, support from [nueBOX] staff to produce and present their art, and paid teaching, performance, and exhibition opportunities.

Apart from this cohort, [nueBOX] will continue our fundraising efforts throughout 2021 to collect more money from our community that we'll use to support additional Black artists through one-off, no questions asked stipends, similar to the ones we distributed earlier in 2020.

Support [nueBOX] Programs

Make a Donation to [nueBOX]

All donations are tax deductible, and donors are the first to know about upcoming events, programs, and exciting news within the organization! You can make a one-time donation or sign up to give regular monthly donations which help us to sustain our programming with consistent monthly support from our community. Through monthly giving, we are able to plan for the year ahead and guarantee our ability to support our artists-in-residence, and continue offering free and accessible space for artists.

Other Ways to Support


[nueBOX] is an all-volunteer staff, and we are always looking for more talented individuals to join our crew.  Whether you are able to help with ticketing at an event, facilitate a feedback session, or help us with accounting. 

Join the Board
Board members are instrumental in overseeing the long term goals and financial health of the organization. Board members are volunteers who work to promote the mission of [nueBOX] and help raise funds to implement future goals and strategies.

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