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WHAT IS RE:volve?

RE:volve is an always changing show of both established and up and coming performance artists that builds connections across the performance art community in Metro-Phoenix. You can expect to see a range of dance, theater, performance art, spoken word, and everything in between. Established from a need for more resoursces and mentorship for artists, RE:volve is a laboratory performance experience that gives artists the opportunity to share their work in front of an intimate audience.


RE:volve is a curated program, but if you have something you would like to show, let us know! Send an email to

No Pants Webinar

work/life/ART balance: how to maintain a creative practice while pursuing a professional career

MAY 13 @ 5PM - FREE

I don't really know ~how~ to do this but I have tried for several years and have learned some things along the way. Let's have a discussion about what works for you and for me! The vibe will be equal parts self-help, art theory, makeup tutorial and career fair. Both conversation and active listening are welcome. 

Lai Yi Ohlsen is an artist and tech worker operating at the intersection of measurement, media and movement. She is the Director of a project called Measurement Lab, a 2019 Artist-In-Residence at Movement Research and a Spring 2020 Technology Resident at Pioneer Works.

RE:volving Living Room Series

w/ Max

MAY 15 @ 5PM - FREE

Check out a RE:volve performance from the comfort of your own living room couch!


“to hold you again” this piece is unpacking how they have processed intimacy in isolation. To hold themselves and have their needs met when so many things that have made them feel safe are absent.  


TV MA: this performance  contains partial nudity 

Max is a performance artist, creator, and lover residing in Brooklyn, New York. This work is an extension of a three month residency they had at Chez Bushwick through the Jonah Bokaer foundation last year. 

RE:volving Living Room Series

w/ Mikey Estes

MAY 21 @ 7PM - FREE

Check out RE:volve from the comfort of your own living room couch!

Living Room is a performance that considers the space of the artist’s living room as a two-dimensional grid on which a set of movements occur. The changing configurations of shaped silhouettes, which stand in for items of furniture and decor, are choreographed to represent distinct moments in time. 


Mikey Foster Estes (b. 1991, Park Ridge, IL) is an artist whose practice is rooted in the everyday and spans across the disciplines of performance, photography, sculpture, video, and writing. His work has been exhibited at Eye Lounge, Phoenix, AZ; Fine Art Complex 1101, Tempe, AZ; Microscope Gallery, Brooklyn, NY;  among others.

RE:volving Living Room Series

w/ Rachelle Dart


Check out RE:volve from the comfort of your own living room couch!

OMA - Her name was Dorothy, we all called her Oma. OMA is an exploration of the memories, stories and impact of the Woman who mothered my mother's mother. 

Rachelle Dart is a theatre maker, storyteller, teacher artist and Sonoran Desert dweller. Her favorite thing in the whole world is listening to people tell stories and relishes in creative practices where she gets listens to stories as research. 

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