No Pants Webinar

Becoming a Professional Dancer Today w/ Alicia-Lynn Nascimento Castro


The more our lives are bombarded by social media the more people crave connection and real life experiences.  Let’s talk about how we can use this to create opportunities to dance and what it looks like to be a professional dancer today.   

Alicia-Lynn Nascimento Castro is an Afro Brazilian American dancer, creator, teacher, mother and artist currently living in Phoenix Arizona working on projects and teaching at Arizona State University, Grand Canyon University and Glendale Community College.

No Pants Webinar

Tiny Tips for Getting Unstuck w/ Sydney Jackson


Getting stuck is nothing new-- a shoulder here, an artist block there, stalling out on that next step you know you need to take. Enjoy some tiny tips that you can use at your leisure to get thangs flowing.


Sydney Jackson is a movement artist residing in Portland, Oregon and missing her homes in Maryland and Arizona. They like to roll around, hold space for themselves and others to change, and get very still sometimes.

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