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[nueBOX] supports artists in creating work that is memorable, honest, and explorative. Our programming makes the artistic process transparent, collaborative, and accessible to artists and the artist community.  


[nueBOX] believes in uplifting Black and Brown voices and in supporting Black and Brown artists to create work that reflects their experiences and perspectives. Censorship of art in educational spaces is unacceptable. Educational experiences are meant to widen student’s perspectives and censorship stands in the way of this . 

The Black Lives Matter movement is not political.
Human rights are not political.
Policies that politicize the lives of marginalized people are suppressive and dangerous.

As an organization, we stand against the suppression of Black and Brown voices and the prioritization of white feelings and emotions over the lives and experiences of Black and Brown artists. We will not work with or align ourselves with institutions whose leadership does not take responsibility for the safety and well-being of their educators, employees, audience, and artists. Being an anti-racist organization is more than rhetoric and statements, it requires a commitment to dismantling antiquated practices that uphold white supremacy. 

We do not align ourselves with institutions that uphold white supremacy, but we recognize that there are students, artists, and staff who don’t hold institutional power and [nueBOX] is here to support them.  [nueBOX] is a safe space for any artist who is unable to fully express their creative voice due to fear of retaliation, censorship, or other forms of harm from their institution.


Julie Akerly and Matthew Mosher co-founded [nueBOX] in 2014.  They both desired to enhance the Metro-Phoenix arts community, specifically in the fields of performance and installation art. Phoenix was the 6th largest city in the United States, but did not have enough opportunities for artists to participate in collaborative and research-based art-making for performance and installation-based artists. In a survey of art students in Phoenix, 61% were considering leaving the city after graduation because other cities provide artists with more opportunities.  [nueBOX] aims to cultivate a culture that values the process of artistic work, and gives artists a reason to stay in Metro-Phoenix.

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