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SEED Artists-In-Residence Fall 2023/Spring 2024

Takela King

Takela is a movement artist, native to Phoenix, Arizona. Takela's creative work explores the whys and hows of humanity with a focus on interpersonal interaction. These ideas are often brought to life by contemporary choreography and improvisational dance structures. She obtained a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance and a Certificate in Ethics from Barrett, the Honors College at Arizona State University. While at ASU, she participated in residencies held by Adam McKinney, The Dance Exchange, Alicia Nascimiento, and Liz Lerman’s Wicked Bodies. Currently, Takela continues to perform and connect communities through her work with The Be Kind Crew, Liz Lerman LLC, and Blending the Moves Dance Festival.

I am a dancer, choreographer, writer, and activist, but first I am a human. A living, breathing body that enjoys utilizing improvisational dance techniques to find a connection between the mind and body. I am inspired by centuries of thinkers who were determined to understand the why and how of our species. As a dancer and choreographer, I explore this why and how using my anatomy and my pen. I experiment with the varying movement qualities that the human body is capable of. How can we find softness and fluidity along with percussive gestures and sudden stillness? The choreography that I create ultimately becomes a natural blend of postmodern contemporary techniques, urban influences, and everyday gestures. I am intrigued by the many narratives that exist. My creative process begins with a question that I put into writing and ends with a physical call to action presented in a space.In the process of creating, I am always learning about interesting ways we as humans connect, thrive, fail, and exist. Being born, growing old, and dying are immense ideas but together they create a never-ending cycle of possibility and narrative. I create work so that those who witness it are continuing the conversation, a truly unexpected collaboration.


IG: @kingtakela


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