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I am a groover.

I reject the rejection of the beat.


I am a choreographer.

I relish in unpredictability.


I am a media designer.

Just because you don't see it,

Doesn't mean it isn't happening.


I am a performer.

I believe in the abandonment of inhibition.


I am an educator.

Individuality is my facilitator.

Julie Akerly is Permanent Artist in Residence and also serves on the [nueBOX] staff as Co-Founder/Research and Development Director.

Projects with [nueBOX]

joy is neither here nor there

A quirky lamentation on joy that stirs up past memories and tries to reckon with the fact that what brings personal joy may hurt the ones we love. In this world, there are three reasons we can't be whatever we want to be - some things are because of the universe, science, chemistry, some are because of things we do to ourselves, and some are caused by the world we live in. Trying to stay hopeful while you meet constraints at every turn. Move through a series of pop-music videos that you can't help but groove to, silly, honest, and difficult conversations with loved ones who are long gone, and struggling between the pull of self joy and the infliction of sorrow on others. Yes - it is a tornado of emotions.


JAMovement brought together a team of dancers, comedians, musicians, and chefs to indulge the audience in conversations between love and food. Drawing analogies between all these elements, this show will have you laughing about awkward first dates, crying about heartbreak, and you will leave with full bellies and happy hearts! This show is for the madly in love, the jolted hearts, and the desperate hunters. Whether you are single and want to treat yourself for Valentine’s Day, or you want to bring someone you love to a performance that will activate all of their senses, this show has something for the foodie, the comedy buff, the music lover, and the aunt who is always first to dance at a wedding.


Zoetic means of or pertaining to life. The life of the party, the loneliness that follows, the remembrance of the lives we have lived, the loves we have formed and the love we have lost. This work is a reflection on love and time and is inspired by the work of Brazilian Artist, Valeska Soares and was commissioned by the Phoenix Art Museum.

Eyeballz and Honey

Every other day has just been one of those days. It is not easy to feel hurt or angry if you cannot remember. In Eyeballz and Honey, Julie Akerly remembers. She remembers what it feels like to be looked at, to be touched, to say no, to submit. She tries to give herself the option to take up space, to be heard, and to RAGE. She uses her body to remember what it feels like, she uses her voice to scream, and she uses imagery as a reminder that she is not alone.

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