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My art making stems from my emotional intelligence work. The foundation of knowing myself and “Standing my sacred ground”(Brene Brown) drives what I want to put out into the world. I see collaboration as the next pivotal piece of my art making. I value the richness of combining efforts and experiences. I believe in this process of collaboration it is important to choose generosity. I choose to be generous with myself, with others, with the journey and with the results. Context plays an important role in my art making. I endeavor to seriously consider the audience, the historical timeline, and the current culture climate. I consider how people are, at the present time, processing information and I venture to expand my vocabulary to fit their process while inviting them to expand their ability to absorb mine. The content of my work is heavily influenced by the idea that movement can be heard and felt and not just seen. I question whether the experience of dance (my primary art language) is more fully formed when paired with other artistic mediums. I believe multi-faceted art is more honest to the human experience and that is ultimately what I want my work to represent.

Ericka Vaughn Byrne is a Permanent Artist in Residence and also serves on the [nueBOX] staff as Artist Support Director

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