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Zakiya Rose Johnson

2021 SEED Artists-In-Residence

Zakiya's Bio

Zakiya Rose Johnson is a multimaterial movement artist, activist, and process enthusiast, who continues to debunk and expound upon false dichotomies related to world unification, generational trauma, identity, and gender. Born in Nassau, Bahamas, Johnson acquired her initial training in ballet, and Bahamian Junkanoo, and has recently incorporated post contemporary modern, and mixed mediums into her practice. She has worked with notable organizations such as Movement exchange and The Junior Youth Spiritual Empowerment program in order to foster cross cultural understanding, civic engagement, social equality and inclusion, and creative expression through dance. Johnson has performed and showcased her own work at Arizona State University, Purdue University, Spring Dance Fest, Breaking Rules Rocking Walls and the BlakTinx Dance Festival.  Currently, Johnson resides in Tempe, Arizona where she is obtaining her B.F.A. in Dance Performance while cultivating her social action voice.

What is at the core of your work?

At the core of my practice is resilience. I learn through action. I ask questions such as 

  • what is a humble posture of learning?

  • what is seeking truth?

  • how do I dismantle systems of white supremacy? 

  • how do I bring hope?

What do you believe your role is an artist?

I strive to produce art that unfolds beauty, adds noble sentiments  to the collective consciousness, and reveals hidden or concealed aspects of society.


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