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Vo Vera

2021 SLAM Artists-In-Residence


Vo Vera has spent the last two decades identifying as a Bboy & dancer, having received formal dance training from Arizona State University. He has choreographed for and performed with Jacob Jonas The Company, EPIK Dance Company, and The Sacred G’s. As an educator he has served as Faculty Associate at ASU, and as Faculty Adjunct at five Maricopa Community Colleges. Instructor, choreographer, competitor, performance artist, poet and photographer, his pursuit of so many avenues speaks to the devotion of his creative engine. The maturity of which cross-pollinated into a fresh presentation of dynamic, intentional multidisciplinary performance and multimedia art.

What is at the core of your work?

The core of my work is rooted in my fascination with movement language creation, and creating original themes, images, and works. It stems from my 20+ years of training in Breaking, where I earned a reputation for having originality in my movement vocabulary, approach towards dance, and overall style. Later when I began to create works, I wanted them to speak differently, to tell an untold story, and to perhaps make it relevant to anyone who wants to live a better human experience. I wanted my viewers to feel the emotions that I put into my works. I wanted to leave them with markers of inspiration, drive, and perhaps an underlying rush of wonder. While both the experiences and directions taken in this lifetime influence my work, I am interested in generating unexpected moments, inserting emotions such as humor, and adding experiences, values, and life lessons from my own life into the works.

What do you believe your role is an artist?

If I’m not inspiring, the viewer shouldn’t be watching me. I am here to serve as a point of inspiration. My work is here to hold up a mirror that reflects the viewer’s highest path, how to get on that path, or how not to get on that path. By ‘highest path’ I mean the combined principles, ethics, little moments, and everyday lifestyle choices that determine where one is headed in their life.


IG: @vospacevera @thesacredgs


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