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The Imposter

SEED Artist-In-Residence

What does your work look like, what elements, styles, genres, art forms do you pull from?

A majority of my work if not all actually is a one person show. 

like someone took old reels of film and cut sections out of them and then rearranged them to create a college of moments and oddly enough although they are all from different films it all comes full circle. 

Heavily inspired by Jim Carrey.

What do you believe your role is as an artist?

My role as an artist is to allow myself to be for everyone. My art is my therapist, my diary, my closest friend and I am not asking people to understand me or my work. I am asking my audience to find themselves within my work where they are at in life.

What is at the core of your work?

Well that's a loaded question and the honest answer is myself and my personal journey about finding enlightenment. I want to find balance within everything and to do that you have to be able to understand that everyone and everything is valid even those you don’t agree with.

What about your work is interesting, important, meaningful, unique, impactful, or memorable?
What do people experience when viewing your work?

I think there are a lot of interesting things about my work from the use of an alter ego, to the scandalous context. My work is meant to be able to be picked apart and rearranged or tossed away or added in. 


IG: @imp0st3r_


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