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2017 SEED Residency 

Work Description

Raji Ganesan, a classical bharatanatyam and contemporary dancer, will team up with Angelina Ramirez of Flamenco por la Vida to explore the notion of storytelling and inheritance through their respective art forms. Their work will explore and respond to the histories of their respective world art forms, reflecting on what it means to practice them today, so far from "home." 



Raji Ganesan is a performing artist trained in the traditional Indian dance form, bharatanatyam, which she began learning at the age of 7. As she moved around the US growing up, she always continued and deepened her instruction in the Kalashetra style of this ancient dance form with her gurus: Meena Telikacharla and Shyla Ganesan. Raji is also a practicing theater artist, contemporary dancer, educator, and community organizer.


Angelina Ramirez began studying Flamenco at the age of nine with Deanna Pierce and Olivia Rojo in Tucson, Arizona.  At sixteen, she became a member of Rojo’s company, Flamenco y Mas.  Just out of high school, Angelina toured the US as a featured artist with the National Theater Company.  She continued her studies at the National Institute of Flamenco Arts in Albuquerque, New Mexico studying with Eva Encinias, Joaquin Encinias, Omyara Amaya and Marisol Encinias.  Angelina became an original member of Yjastros, the American Flamenco Repertory Company under the direction of Joaquin Encinias. While residing in Albuquerque, she had the pleasure of studying from dancers such as Antonio Canales, Israel Galvan, Alejandro Granados, and Farruquito. In 2009, returning to Arizona, Angelina founded Flamenco Por La Vida, a performance company that has been continually performing throughout the Valley for the past five years.  In 2012, Angelina along with collaborators Monica Robles and Ruben Gonzalez, opened 5th Row Dance Studios, where Angelina currently teaches flamenco.  In 2014, Angelina presented two inaugural festivals in the Phoenix Community: Lluvia Flamenca in collaboration with Stateside Presents and The Phoenix Festival de España with The Phoenix Center for the Arts.  During the 2014-15 season and 2017, Angelina was asked to tour with world-renowned, New York based company Noche Flamenca in their production of Antigone.  Angelina and her company Flamenco Por La Vida were awarded the 2014 Phoenix Mayors Arts Award for Best Dance Organization and was a nominee for the Governors Arts award in 2015 in the individual artist category. In 2016 Angelina completed the inaugural Creative Aging Institute of Arizona and recently completed the National Association of Latinx Arts and Cultures Leadership Institute.  Angelina looks forward to whatever her journey will bring her as she continues to live her lifelong passion as an artist of Flamenco.

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