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Object of Affection is a thrift store based on the premise of emotional freedom. The store exists as a place for you to rid yourself of the objects from your past, whatever the reason you hold onto them is.


During a trip to Chicago in the summer of 2012, a friend gave a jacket to the group of people I was traveling with. The jacket was a gift intended for her ex boyfriend, butnever had the chance to give it to him. Rather than have it sit around her house, she thought one of us could make use of it. At the end of the trip, I was the one who wound up with the jacket. More than a jacket, I felt like I had gained a responsibility to watch over the tender object. Three years and 5 moves later, I still take the jacket out of my closet every few months to see if it fits me. Every time I try it on, the jacket gets returned to its hanger, but most recently I began to wish someone could enjoy the jacket in the way that her ex boyfriend was supposed to.


This jacket gave birth to the idea for Object of Affection.


The store does not facilitate any cash transactions, but instead allows for trades, favors, and tasks to be performed in exchange for an item. When parting with an item, you are not only freeing up some emotional and physical space in your life - you are also allowing the history of the item to continue and be cherished by someone new.


If you have any items you would like to donate, questions about items in the shop, or general inquiries, please feel free to contact me at


Founder and Employee,

Kyle Daniels






Kyle Daniels is an Intermedia artist born in Dallas, Texas, Currently living in Tempe, Arizona. Working primarily in the realm of mixed media sculpture, he has recently branched out to video, performance, and Installation art. His work explores interpersonal relationships through the use of different objects. He also plays with the use of phrases and wording to open up the dialogue between the viewer and the work.




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