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Gabby Isaac & Brianna Vidovich

Gabby Isaac is finishing up her final semester as an undergraduate in the Digital Culture program at Arizona State University. She is concentrating in music/sound and is interested in working with interactive sound installations. Her main interests include working with field recordings, electronics, digital sound, contact microphones, and live sound.

This project uses sound recordings of furniture being destroyed, sound already present in a room, and the movement in a room to create background music. Inspired by Erik Satie’s concept of furniture music (musique d’ameublement) and the muzak in current public spaces, this project aims to create unique ambient music that reflects and adds to the atmosphere of a given space rather than imposing upon occupants or bombarding them with abrasive and distracting sounds.  The main physical object will be a frame on the wall with about 32 speakers mounted on it. Below the frame will be a box to house the equipment and it will be lined with infrared sensors to detect movement in front of it. The movement in the room will change the sound of the piece. Throughout the room, there will be small microphones to pick up the sounds in the room and those sounds will be combined with the original recordings to create something new. We will be using Max/MSP to manipulate the original recordings, add the input from the microphones, and change the sounds according to the movement in the room.


Brianna Vidovich is currently a student at Arizona State University studying Digital Culture with a concentration in music as well as Film and Media Composition. Her main interests include music and sound in installation setting and live performance. She also enjoys working with visual art forms, such as film and photography.

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