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2018 SEED Residency

Felipa Lerma

2018 Summer SEED Resident Artist 

Work Description

The purpose of this project is to create and develop a body of work that will explore and expose some of the layers of women organically evolving into an experimental performance.  This project will use diverse art language to construct and restore women voices and embody the constant transition of woman and her many layers of cycling through transformation.

Artist Bio

Felipa Mendoza Lerma is an Arizona native, raised in Sonora, Mexico for the first portion of her childhood. Felipa’s background in theatre has provided her with the tools to create social experimental work, focusing on deciphering the woman identity and cultural identity along with their many roles, researching social and cultural layers, to not only develop an understanding of identity, but also practice inclusiveness amongst one another. Felipa is part of the Común Teatro Experimental Collective that emerges from the need to ferment dialogue, question, listen and sustain an understanding of social issues and thus strengthen the cultural identity of a group/community.

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