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SEED Artist-In-Residence 

What is at the core of your work?

The core of my work is to invoke feelings in my audiences that may or may not be experienced in the same manner that I experience them, but which ultimately strive to make people feel uneasy, entertained, or slightly hot and bothered. I create work by translating my stream of consciousness from the pit of emotion that whirlpools and splashes about in my cerebral cortex into movement, images, and a whole lot of performative stage elements.

What do you believe your role is as an artist?

My role as an artist is to create work that people didn't know they wanted or needed to see. To give them a medium they were unaware of before and are now excited about. As an artist it is my duty to be political. It is also my responsibility to prioritize my voice; to repurpose my lived experiences into art and entertainment. To create with purpose or lack thereof; An episode of the Twilight Zone with a moral of the state of our socio and economic environment, or an episode of the Twilight Zone that  simply asks itself, "what would a man do if he was being tormented by a sasquatch outside of a moving airplane?" for shits and giggles.

How might others describe you as an artist/your work?

Others might describe me as inspiring. Others might describe me as sexy. Others might feel threatened by how well I carry myself with an equal priority of self-value and practicality of the systems I integrate myself into. Others might say my work will never be enough for their personal values. But I will never be messy, and I will never be boring.


IG: @licensedputo

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