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Erin Kong

2021 SEED Artists-In-Residence


Erin Kong is an interdisciplinary cultural worker whose writing and performance explore family mythology, racialized yellow as ornament, and revenge. They interrogate their diasporic Korean femininity in the west as science fiction dramedy in practice. With their background in theatre performance, poetry, and music composition, they name longing and the importance of ritual in investigating the spiritual and material. They are co-founder of Desert Diwata, and a huge fan of soup.

What is at the core of your work?

At the core of my work is a deep anti-imperialist framework. I document emotions as immaterial realities, but reflections of the material. With me, I carry the wisdom and knowledge of my ancestors, who channel themselves through my creative process. I firmly believe everything I create comes from somewhere else, and do my best to honor those intentions.

What do you believe your role is an artist?

I am a cultural worker committed to creating art accountable to my communities and colonized people around the world. My role is to participate in creating and upholding a certain cultural standard. Every piece of art is a form of propaganda. As my friend Bao Ngo asks, “Who does this propaganda serve?” My role as a cultural worker is to create work that serves the people.


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