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“All moments, past, present and future, always have existed, always will exist.”

― Kurt Vonnegut, Slaughterhouse-Five 


Dirty Buckle Dance, consisting of Michaela Konzal and Hannah Cooper, will collaborate with a team of engineers and designers to explore the concept of movement permanence. Movement permanence, as they define it, is an exploration of the preservation of live movement creation in real time. They will investigate the looping of movement and the manipulation of space and time in order to recall previous actions as they occur in performance. The end result of the residency is to shape an interdisciplinary performance space that integrates live video streams, sculptures, movement and sound, in order to recall and manipulate moments in time. This will be achieved through a critical process where all collaborators pull inspiration from each others artistic disciplines.


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    Artist Bios


    Hannah Cooper graduated from ASU in May 2013 with a BFA in Dance and a specific focus on performance and movement creation. Hannah is currently the co-founder of Dirty Buckle Dance Collective, which has been featured at First Fridays and ArtelPHX. She has worked with a wide range of artists including Tim O’Donnell, Cassie Meador, Michael O’Connor, and Thomas Lehman and studied many varied movement forms including modern, urban movement, somatic practices, and ballet. Hannah teaches ballet at Phoenix Center for the Arts and Adaptive Dance at Ballet Arizona which focuses on children with Down syndrome.


    Michaela Konzal is a performer, educator, and choreographer based in Phoenix, Arizona. She holds a BFA in Dance from Arizona State University and completed a production internship at The Yard, a performing artist residency based in Chilmark, MA. Michaela was Artistic Director of the premier of Beta Dance Festival, a platform for local dance artists to showcase new works and is curating "Dance Dance Saturday" as part of Phoenix Festival of the Arts. She is also a working dance instructor that has taught at Phoenix Center for the Arts and lead after-school dance programs for elementary school children.


    Aaron Cooper graduated summa cum laude with his degree in Electrical Engineering from ASU in May 2014. He is now pursuing his graduate degree at ASU and is in the RF Testing department at Freescale Semiconductor. In his free time, Aaron is pursuing painting.


    Set and Media Designers: Sam Cooper and Andrea Cooper 


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