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Zugunruhe is a collaborative group project including dancers Fumihiro Kikuchi and Juan Coel Rodriguez, fiber artist Madison Creech, and musician Tony Obr. Together, they will create a piece about personal ties to migration as emerging artists moving from place to place. Celebrating this time where lives and careers overlap in happenstance because temporarily settling in Arizona. They will use the [nueBox] residency program to investigate their artistic group voice while sharing their creative methods and their independent philosophical minds. The creative process will include the use of non-dancers' movement, words, phrases and sketches to inform the movement vocabulary. Madison will utilize gathered information to create digitally printed fabric for costumes routed in the theme of migration. Tony Obr will compose and improvise sounds based on the gathered information for the performance.

Fumihiro Kikuchi is a dance artist, born and raised in Japan. His art explores many choreographic approaches and investigates movement vocabulary. Through his choreography and improvisation he digests the world and moves experiences around inside his mind. Fumihiro has presented his dance works at conferences and institutions across the United States. He holds an MFA in Dance from Arizona State University and a BA from California State University, Fresno.

Madison Creech is a multimedia artist with a dedication to mixing digital fabrication with traditional methods. She received a Bachelor of Fine Art degree as well as a Bachelor of Science in Textile, Merchandising and Fashion Design from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Creech has also received a Masters degree in Fine Art from the fibers program at Arizona State University (ASU). Creech’s research involves the relationship between animal and human. She considers the parallels that bird migration has to her story of navigating and deciphering what is familiar and what is unfamiliar. She is currently teaching at ASU and working as the Curatorial Assistant to Dennita Sewell at the Phoenix Art Museum. Included in her exhibition record is a Surface Design Association juried exhibition Explorations as well as juried public art show Prints in Peculiar Places for the 2015 Southern Graphics Council International Conference. Creech held a residency at the nationally recognized Techshop in Chandler Arizona where she had comprehensive training on digital equipment as well as general wood and metal shop equipment.

Tony Obr is a composer, sound artist, and media designer whose work attempts to redefine the boundaries of musicality and the place of sound in music. He frequently works in the development of interactive systems for dance performance and art installation along with his solo musical work as tsone. His work has been heard in the Scottsdale Center for Performing Arts, the Phoenix Art Museum, the Haas Gallery of Art, and on a variety of international record labels including Home Normal, Tessellate Recordings, Stereoscenic, Tsuku-Boshi, Audiotalaia, Dark Era Tapes, and Pocket Fields.

Juan Rodriguez is a local Arizona based artist who's work fluctuates between the urban and contemporary art scenes and practices. This includes battling, performing, and improvising in a variety of settings. He has worked with a variety of groups and organizations around the valley including EPIK dance company, Dulce Dance Company, JAMovement, and humanafterall crew. He is very excited to join his third project within the nueBOX residency program and looks forward to creating and collaborating.

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