Ty Muhammad

Spring 2021 Studio/LAB Artists-In-Residence


I am a co-founder of Re:Frame Youth Arts Center. In 2018, I was the Arts Learning Intern and Conference Coordinator for the Az Commission on the Arts and the Joint Arts Education Conference. I participated in the 2018 Summer Leadership Institute Urban Bush Women. I have been a teaching artist/artist assistant and camp director. have performed in theatre since 2nd grade, I have been drawing seriously since I was 12, and according to my mom, I have been dancing since I was in the womb. I have been working with Rising Youth Theatre as an artist since 2015 and as a staff member since 2017. I’ve gotten The Spirit of Leona Award in 2017 and the Youth Artist Mayors Arts Award in 2018.

What do you believe your role is an artist?

My role as an artist is to highlight and uplift the marginalized communities that work beside me, came before me, and are coming after me. To bridge poor BIPOC into the art world. To bring joy. To fight.


At the core of my work, I share the multiplicities and intersectionalities of my identities. I let the audience get a glimpse into my mind, heart, and soul to either a.} let them know they aren’t alone or b.} let them see me and my community.

TY's Work

The work I create is multidisciplinary. I am a performer at my core, specifically a theatre artist, so I always pull from that first. But I also pull from hip hop, modern, musical theatre, contemporary, and even moves I’ve learned from the game Just Dance. I am not a musician myself, but I love to experiment with audio and its relation to my performance. I also am a visual artist, so I’ve been known to add elements of animation or digital paintings.

I think the most striking thing about my work is that it makes people take a second to stop and question what they just saw. Because I know I definitely do that the entire time I’m creating and even after a piece is finished; asking stuff like “Wh-...what is happening here?” but in a good way. I want my work to start/continue dialogues about things that shouldn’t be considered taboo like race and sexuality.

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