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What is the Studio/LAB residency
The Studio/LAB residency is available to creatives interested in taking a deep dive into their creative practice. Their work can transverse the spectrums from funny to provocative, experimental to virtuosic, R-rated to family-friendly, disturbing to healing, personal & political, form-based to abstract, and outside, around, and beyond these categories. The residency will take place from June-December 2021 and selected artists will be part of a cohort that support one another through the creative process, participate in professional development workshops together, and present their work together at [nueBOX] in December 2021. Studio/LAB residents will receive access to [nueBOX]’s studio at The Armory, creative and professional support, opportunities for feedback, professional development, a photo shoot and documentation of performances, and a $250 stipend. 


Deadline: May 10 @ 11:59 p.m.


Who is this residency for

This residency is available to creatives who will be living primarily in the Metro-Phoenix area for the duration of the residency. BIPOC artists are strongly encouraged to apply for this residency. While we are able to support artists who bring a wide range of creative skills to their practice, we are best able to support performance-based artists, or artists with an interest in further developing their relationship to movement and their body.


How to apply

Your application can be submitted through writing or a video, whichever you feel most comfortable with! After the first round, we will get to know the artists a little better through  conversation with the [nueBOX] team.


The application has four parts

  • Tell us a little bit about who you are and what work you create

  • What would you like to explore during your residency?

  • Video of past work samples (up to 3 minutes)

  • Why did you choose to share this work sample with us?


We are here to support you

In the past, artists who have reached out to us in some capacity before applying have had some of the most successful applications. There are three ways you can connect with us before applying:

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