[nueBOX] Residency: Info for Applicants

Applications are due on December 1st at 11:59pm

Thinking about applying for a [nueBOX] residency? Before you jump into it, it’s a good idea to do a little homework to understand what the residency is, if your project is a good fit, and what [nueBOX} is looking for from applicants. By taking some time to review the information below, you can save yourself a lot of headache in the future, and make sure your application is the best it can be. 



Julie Akerly and Matthew Mosher co-founded [nueBOX] in 2014.  They both desired to enhance the Metro-Phoenix arts community, specifically in the fields of performance and installation art. Phoenix was the 6th largest city in the United States, but did not have enough opportunities for artists to participate in collaborative and research-based art-making for performance and installation-based artists. In a survey of art students in Phoenix, 61% were considering leaving the city after graduation because other cities provide artists with more opportunities.  [nueBOX] aims to cultivate a culture that values the process of artistic work, and gives artists a reason to stay in Metro-Phoenix. 


Today, [nueBOX] is collectively led by a team of Permanent Artist-In-Residents (PAIRS for short) who share in the labor, leadership, and  administrative duties that keep the organization thriving and growing in exchange for free studio space and support to develop and perform their own work. 


WHAT IS THE STUDIO/LAB RESIDENCY PROGRAM? The LAB Residency is for the development of interdisciplinary projects with a strong center in physical/movement-based practices such as dance, physical theatre, performance art, and somatics. This residency is for artists wanting to delve deeper into their existing creative process. Artists should apply if they have a project in its beginning stage, and desire time and space to develop their ideas. The purpose of this residency is not to have a “finished” product that will be produced, but to utilize [nueBOX]’s PAIR team to help the artist develop and continue their work after the residency. Residents will receive 60 hours of rehearsal space in our new studio, structured feedback sessions, professional documentation of their work and process, mentorship, and a $250 stipend.



We are looking for artists who make thoughtful work and are interested in sharing and growing their artistic process - not just creating a final product for the stage. For the Studio/LAB residency specifically, we care about projects that center the body and can physicalize research in a way that will translate to audiences through live performance. We love collaboration, mixed media, and work that pushes boundaries of practice, politics, physical skill or performance. 



That’s a big question! 


The selection process starts with a call to artists. 


Before your application even gets to the panel, it is reviewed for eligibility using these guidelines. Projects that are ineligible get struck through and do not go on to the next round. Sad face. It sucks to put in all that work and then discover your project is not eligible. So please check out the guidelines before you go on to figure out if you are a good fit. 




Projects must….

  • Be centered in a physical, somatic, or movement-based practice

  • Be able to be shared in an ending WIPS (Work In Progress Showing) ticketed performance at the [nueBOX] space in Phoenix.


Applicants must...

  • Identify as interdisciplinary  solo artists or interdisciplinary collaborative teams. (To meet this criteria, applicant only has to name more than one artistic genre/medium that they use in their performance or creative process)

  • Be articulate about their work and ready to share their process with the public through feedback sessions, workshops, and publicity and promotion of residency activities

  • Be residents of the Phoenix/Metro area

  • Have a need for rehearsal space in the Phoenix/Metro area 

  • Be available to rehearse at [nueBOX] space (1614 W Roosevelt st. Phx)

  • Complete all sections of the application


Previous [nueBOX] residents will ONLY be considered for a second residency if their application shows an evolution of their practice by working with a new collaborative team or exploring a new skill set.


Students are ONLY eligible to apply if they are transitioning into careers as professional artists (approaching graduation) AND  part of a collaborative team that includes non-students



Congratulations! Your project is eligible and you’ve made it to the next round. Now we get down to the nitty gritty of scoring and rubrics. Prepare to wade through a mess of numbers and words. Applications are scored based on eligibility, depth & clarity of research, strength of artist and collaborative team, ability to carry out the project, and furthering of [nueBOX] mission, using the guidelines below:


Depth & Clarity of Research (5 total points)

  • Research question is clearly articulated in application 

  • Research question is specific and appropriate size/scope for 4 mo. residency 

  • Applicant makes convincing case for relevance to contemporary moment 

  • Research process is articulated; we can visualize how the artist will conduct their research & physicalize the research in the studio 


Strength of Artist & Collaborative Team (5 points total) 

If a solo artist:

  • Artist has a strong background in multiple artistic mediums 

  • Artist effectively describes how they engage with multiple mediums in their process/work 

  • Bio/work samples demonstrate ability to produce high quality, innovative work 


If collaborative team:

  • Team members have strong backgrounds in multiple media of art 

  • Team articulates plan for collaboration or demonstrates past success working collaboratively 

  • Process described involves significant sharing or cross-fertilization of artistic practices among team members 

  • Bios/work samples demonstrate ability to produce high quality, innovative work 


Ability to Execute (5 total points)

  • Work samples align with the description of work in the project 

  • Project proposed is doable within the scope of a 3-month residency with 40 hours of rehearsal time 

  • Bios, work samples, and description of process attest to the artist/s ability to carry out the project 


Furthers [nueBOX] mission/vision & benefits [nueBOX] as an organization (5 total points)

  • Likely to appeal to/reach new audiences 

  • Project would result in increased publicity/exposure for [nueBOX] 

  • Artistic mediums are new/different than previous residents 

  • Project involves community engagement or participation in research or creative process, above and beyond [nueBOX] requirements 


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E-Mail: nueBOXphx@gmail.com

Phone: (480) 420-8353


The Armory

1614 W Roosevelt St.

Phoenix, AZ 85007

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