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The SEED Residency Program is a mini-residency from June-August 2021 that is meant to give artists time to explore and investigate new ideas without the pressure of developing a finished work. Applicants do not need to have a project idea in mind when applying for this residency, as the residency is meant to be the time to investigate and plant a seed. Artists will receive a $100 stipend, 15 hours of rehearsal space, and an opportunity to share their emerging work in a RE:volve show in August with 3 other SEED resident artists. The residency is open to performance-based artists or interdisciplinary teams who define themselves as emerging or mid-career artists, and have a need for rehearsal space in Phoenix in Summer 2021. 


Artist Stipend
$100 + 15 hours of studio space


April 4 at 11:59 p.m.


How to Apply
Fill out the online application here by clicking the "Apply" button above


What is on the application:

  • Questions:

    • Tell us about your creative practice: What does your work look like, what elements, identities, ideas, beliefs, styles, genres, artforms do you pull from? (Max. 200 words)

    • What have you done in the past, and how does that influence you now? (ie. past works, projects, experiences, training, mentors) (Max. 200 words)

  • Work Samples:

    • Share up to 2 video links of past work (no more than 3 minutes in length, videos will only be watched up to 3 minutes)

    • Tell us a little about your work samples (how it was made, what you were exploring, what you learned from it)

We strongly recommend reaching out to us, meeting with us, sending over your application materials for feedback before applying. Past applicants who have taken this extra step have been more likely to receive the residency because they asked for help and received support!

Contact us at

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