The Observer is a collection of written observations from live performances in metro-Phoenix.  This site is for a wide variety of performance events, whether dance, theatre, drag, etc. The intention is to promote local performances and the artists behind them, generate a dialogue amongst artists and appreciators of the arts, and develop a stronger and more supportive creative community in Phoenix. The Observer is open to curated observations from the public. If you would like to share your review, or if you would like a reviewer to attend your event, please contact us! INFO@NUEBOX.ORG

The views expressed by the authors are theirs alone and do not reflect the views, positions, or opinions of [nueBOX] or [nueBOX] staff.

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Meaningless(ful?) moments in 'untitled': a cybersex dinner party jazz recital

May 1, 2020

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May 30, 2015

In an upstairs room at the Phoenix Center for the Arts Jordan Daniels took his intimate audience on a circular journey through silver pants, gobo lights, stacks of vinyl records and Sam Cooke’s soulful funk. Early in the show Mr. Daniels quickly captivated his audience...

May 20, 2015

ARTEL is an event where the worlds of visual and performance art exist side by side.  It is a chance to share audiences, to expose viewers to something new, and to stumble upon unexpected experiences.  ARTEL 2015 showcased more performances than any previous ARTEL even...

May 15, 2015

Gray Matter is the newest work produced by Jasmine Nunn during her residency at [nueBOX].  Throughout the work, Nunn does an excellent job of portraying strong technical skills through subtle, gestural movement. It takes a strong creator to focus their work on the stre...

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