[nueBOX] Resdeincy: Jordan Daniels Dance

Jordan Daniels Dance will be creating a new evening length piece titled "all we really want to do is...." The work will implement a seamless sound score of both live records and an electronic performance score created by Charles Barth. Bringing in the inspiration of funk music and the resurfacing funk rhythms in popular music, I hope to create a contemporary physical and visual vocabulary to show an audience the longevity and compatibility of music and dance.  

P.A.I.R Series

This project will be the first evening of work for JordanDanielsDance and will include world premieres of works “Installment 3:Instinctually Human” and “Eleanor.” Presented as a part of the Permanent Artist in Residence Performance Series,


The Phoenix Metro area is rapidly changing and expanding, creating opportunities for development and improvement to city infrastructure. Estrella Payton (visual artist), Felix Herbst(sound artist), Jordan Daniels(Movement Artist), and Steven Redondo (Movement Artist), brought the elements of their artistic mediums into the Phoenix Art Museum in a project to construct/ deconstruct layers of Phoenix, physicality, and navigating spaces. 

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