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Jasmine Nunn is torn in her love for minimalism in theory and her inclination toward maximalism in practice. She comes from a background in classical ballet (tutus, pointe shoes, summer programs, the works), but transitioned to postmodern contemporary dance while getting her BFA at ASU. In addition to creating and performing dance projects, she has a slight obsession with architecture and often dreams about buildings.

Jasmine Nunn was Permanent Artist in Residence (P.A.I.R) and also served on the [nueBOX] staff as Finance and Operations Director from 2017-2019

Projects with [nueBOX]

P.A.I.R Series: Far/Near

 FAR/NEAR is centered on the concepts of distance and nostalgia, drawing from the artists’ personal experiences living far from “home” and loved ones. Together they will be exploring the concept of emotional distance even when parties are physically near and the role place plays in relationships and memories. The performance will use projected video and both artists as well as an ensemble of Phoenix dancers. Sub-concepts include the advantages and pitfalls of technology in relationships, the psychology of nearness, the relevancy of physical presence, and how perception and memory change over time.

Breaking Ground Residnecy 2017

OneTON Collective  is a collaboration between dance artists Jasmine Nunn, Lai Yi Ohlsen, and Kayla Tomooka. During the Breaking Ground Residency, they will be investigating Asian American identity when isolated or distanced from Asian community. Phoenix is a large city with a relatively small Asian population, and they are looking at their own relationships to their varied heritages and how this affects their identities.

[nueBOX] Residency: GRAY MATTER

Gray Matter, the tissue that makes up a large portion of the central nervous system. In the brain, this tissue serves to process information, which relates to the topic of Jasmine's project. She will explore gray areas and uncertainty, examining both the personal process of finding direction and purpose when no clear path or passion presents itself, as well as the process of attempting to make decisions about the surrounding world in an age of over-saturation. 

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