The Dance Cafe Committee (DCC) serves as the liaison between members of the dance community (advocates, dancers, choreographers, presenters) and Mesa Arts Center (MAC). The DCC is made up of 9-11 individuals who represent diversity in dance styles, experiences, education, careers, and participation in the dance community. These individuals work towards some of the recommendations outlined by the dance community during the 2016 Metro-Phoenix Dance Cafe, directly connect Mesa Arts Center with regional and national artists, and make recommendations for programming across multiple cultural, artistic, and stylistic interests.





  • Create an open dialogue to help Mesa Arts Center sustain, support, and promote dance in the valley

  • Support Mesa Arts Center’s transparency of presenting and selecting dance as a liaisons between the community and Mesa Arts Center

  • Continue to promote diversity in dance programming and leadership roles at Mesa Arts Center

  • Continue a dialogue between Mesa Arts Center staff & DCC about best practices for dance programming



Join the Dance Cafe Committee! This committee meets quarterly on the first Saturday of the month from 10-11:30am at Mesa Arts Center. The meetings are a discussion with staff from Mesa Arts Center about supporting regional dance. 


November 19, 2016, Mesa Arts Center

Hosted by [nueBOX] & Christofolo||Schermer Consulting


The first ever Phoenix Dance Cafe brought together the professional Metro- Phoenix Dance Community to engage in a thoughtful dialogue about our local professional dance scene. Event attendees included educators, choreographers, dancers, studio owners, presenting organizations, artistic directors, and other dance community stakeholders who came to discuss where we are now, how we can leverage the resources currently available, and how we can collaborate to support and advance our community and its many members in key areas.


The professional Dance Community is broad and inclusive with members that have a desire for mastery and creativity, and an interest in performing, teaching, and/or sharing their experiences with others. The community also includes advocates and supporters of dance in Metro-Phoenix. The Dance Community identified their available resources and assets including physical & professional support, an openness to collaborations, and a shift away from hierarchical structures.  While many resources for the Metro-Phoenix Dance Community were identified, there are ongoing challenges that make it difficult to leverage them for the good of the overall community. These challenges included a lack of support for professional careers, competing events, scarcity of dancers, and difficulty gaining traction due to a lack of density in certain geographic areas.


Participants determined that the things they would like to see in the future for the Metro-Phoenix Dance Community are 1) a stronger supporting infrastructure for dancers and choreographers, 2) an easy to navigate online resource for Metro-Phoenix Dance, 3) a centralized physical space with accessible resources, and 4) improved connections and collaborations within the broader Metro-Phoenix Community.


The event was hosted by [nueBOX], an artist residency program that supports Metro-Phoenix based artists to create new work.  The event was facilitated by Christofolo||Schermer, a national consulting organization that has been involved in organizational development and complex planning efforts in fields including health care, technology, law firms, travel and hospitality, education, non-profits and government organizations. The event was also supported through [nueBOX]’s partnership with Mesa Arts Center and funding from the Arizona Commission on the Arts.

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