eggshell sternum/pelvic nerve

eggshell sternum/pelvic nerve

Having white privilege is like standing on an invisible pedestal. Unless you learn to see the structure, you will spend your life believing you are two feet taller than the people standing on the ground.


What happens when the pedestal is made visible?


In eggshell sternum/pelvic nerve, a white woman navigates a destabilized inner landscape after the pedestal is “debased.” Through the lived physical experience of the performance, the artist wrestles with her own capacity for fragility, violence, and guilt as she learns how to stand in her power on the ground.

Move and Explore: Roda-Viva Workshop

Allyson Yoderwill be designing interactive and engaging activities centralized around a pliable sculpture in the center of the [nueBOX] area designed by Rossitza Todorova. Allyson Joy Yoder is a community-centered movement artist from Tucson, Arizona. Her creative process is collaborative, research-based, and grounded by practices in movement and improvisation, and her work is driven by a desire for transformation. 

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